S4E38 Roleplaying and Races

Time for our most race themed episode ever! Tune in as we kick off our shoes and have a candid chat as to why roleplaying games and fantastic worlds in general should have... GASP unique races to fill in the landscape, Orcs, Drow, Kydians, Space bunnies, Furries, Elves, Humans, Lukari, Nebari, Trill, Kobolds... No-one race is safe as we dog pile on everyone!

Listen in Romulans, Goblins, and Eldritch Horrors from beyond the stars... Our crew is here for you.

Unscripted - uncensored - unprepared...

The B.F.G. Crew is: Game Goblin - Darth Blasphemous - Kazurkan - The Moniker

Opening/closing music: Compiled by Game Goblin

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