S3E16 After Dark

Our first self-censored episode! Prepare your earholes for our reviews of "adult" games. We sit down and play mature titles and subject our eyes and brains to the dirtier side of gaming so you don't have to. Game Goblin gives his thoughts about "Take Over", Darth Blasphemous gets casual with "Passion Puzzle", The Moniker doubles down on "A usual Day", And Kazurkan shows off his furry side. Claimer: Episode is NSFL.

P.S. I know we take great pride in not having to censor our episodes, but due to terms and conditions on various sites as well, a bit of decorum... You will hear a *beep* at odd intervals.

Opening/closing music: Compiled by Game Goblin

Additional music: Prelude, Op. 28, No. 15 "Raindrop" by Chopin

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