E3 2019 Year of Mediocrity

How do you cover a full 72 hours of all the latest news in gaming where nothing of importance seems to happen? First you plan a one hour podcast to point out the tremendous dissapoint... then poke an angry Game goblin with a stick to rile him up for a bonus 30 minutes of rage. Join the crew this week as we look back and attempt to make sense of a multi-million dollar nothing burger.

Unscripted - uncensored - unprepared...

The B.F.G. Crew is: Game Goblin - Darth Blasphemous - Kazurkan - The Moniker

Opening/closing music: Compiled by Game Goblin

Additional music: Prelude, Op. 28, No. 15 "Raindrop" by Chopin

Available on iTunes! Just search for "Blunt Force Gamers" in the podcast directory!

Yeah yeah were on Twitter / Facebook / MeWe / Youtube just like everyone else...




Have a topic you want us to discuss? Email the BFG crew @ bfgamershq@gmail.com (We also accept lewd pictures)
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