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September 10th, 2018    

Gaming - Know Your Role!

This September we sit round table and discuss common sense. Aka Know your role, whether it is online or at the table we point out our views on one of the things that makes for a better player... That is umm... in the title... So yeah. Rock on my fellow gamers!

Opening/closing music, Composed by Game Goblin

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March 11th, 2018    

BFG gets Villainous

Game Goblin, Kazurkan, and Darth Blaspemous sit round table and discuss their favorite villains from everything gaming to movies. Then in the second half the reminisce about recent events they missed over winter and take pot shots at the like of Disney, EA, and Wizards of the coast. And thanks again to Atention Span Games for the advice, this episode now includes a 90% shorter intro! Wheeeeeeeeee!

Please note. Kazurkan decided to sprawl across the couch, which is why it's sounds like he phoned in or something. Bad Kazurkan, bad bad!

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July 2nd, 2017    

Episode 09 - Game Table Taboos

Goblin, Narciss, and Blasphemous sit round table and talk about general douche-baggery at the game table. Also known as things not to do unless you want to be labled a jerk with your game group. The nuts and bolts episode for both players and game masters in table top gaming, pay attention gamers as we rant you may just say Oooh I too know of a dick just like that!


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