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February 4th, 2018    

BSing with the Hooligoons S2-E1

Find the Hooligoons on Youtube and Soundcloud for some chill Seattle hip hop. We get down and nerdy with MyndTheVillain and LexLingo... Sit back and enjoy!

Official musicvideos available on YouTube and their music can be found at or at, and catch their updates at FaceBook @

Opening music "Stealth Mission" Composed by Game Goblin

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August 6th, 2017    

Episode 10 - Back in the Saddle!

The curse continues... But we are back! We bring to you this casting, a much avoided, and sometimes overlooked topic: Gaming addiction. The gang sits round table, as recent events have hit a little too close to home for one of our crew lately. We also bring you A street level first look at the new (pre) release title Fortnite, and get down to brass tacks on what the game is good at and what it needs. Join us and special guests Oz of Purple Hippo Gaming, Kyoo of Kyoos' Corner, and GHOSTKID! (pistol fingers)

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Super Mega Ultra Bonus Inside! Game Goblin is giving away a free copy of Fortnite! Gotta listen to the cast for clues to win!


July 2nd, 2017    

Episode 09 - Game Table Taboos

Goblin, Narciss, and Blasphemous sit round table and talk about general douche-baggery at the game table. Also known as things not to do unless you want to be labled a jerk with your game group. The nuts and bolts episode for both players and game masters in table top gaming, pay attention gamers as we rant you may just say Oooh I too know of a dick just like that!


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June 18th, 2017    

Episode 08 - E3 (Reeeee3) Super episode!

The Crew goes into E3 overload. 2 friggin hours of E3! What's hot? what's crap? We bring you the goods! Goblin tries to be positive, Narciss fact checks on demand, Kazurkan slams the VR push and Blasphemous sits too close to the microphone. We cover pretty much as many topics as possible on the upcoming games revealed at E3!


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June 11th, 2017    

The E3 Crystal Ball!

Despite massive technical problems, we managed to fumble around and get a possibly cursed episode done. This week the gang with special sit-in, Sempai Scar, Predict the next few days of E3 press conferences... poorly. Listen in as Game Goblin drops a load on Microsoft, and attempts to corral everyone to stay on topic. Scar talks about the Japanese gaming scene and then somewhere, someone pulls out a Nintendo switch and everything goes to hell.

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P.s. Some of the few predictions came true... already... yay for delays in publishing this. Sorry.


June 4th, 2017    

Angry rant time!

What happens when angry people need to vent about gaming companys? Listen in, EA, Bethesda, SJWs... Nobody is safe from our venomous truth! Join the BFG crew as they drop steaming piles of truth all over corporate stupidity and moneygrabbing. Bonus! Our podcasts are now 90 minutes long! Now more ranting time for you to enjoy!


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May 21st, 2017    

Goblins gaming corner - New show! Goblin helps us with DM tips.

Join Goblin and Blasphemous as we discuss how one starts a home brew campaign as a DM, plus stories.


May 15th, 2017    

Episode 05 - Video Games & Victory!

Join the crew as they talk about the new releases Prey and Neir: Automata, mumble about upcoming video games in general... and celebrate the crumbling of the SJW agenda against the game-o-sphere!

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May 7th, 2017    

We Digress… We get political.

Fatt Matt rants part 2

A rousing game of FMK, then some youtube talk, followed by some political discussion such as what D&D class is the Queen of England and is Kim J a Kekistani.


April 30th, 2017    

Episode 04 - Star Wars Special (Bonus) Sakuracon Special!!!

Star Wars turns 40 in just a few days. The BFG crew talks about SW past and present, Follow along as the old bastard Goblin goes on a nostalgia trip back to 1977 along with Darth Blasphe(mouse), Nejj, and guest Big Baby Steve. We spew forth our thoughts on Lucas, Disney, The holiday special, Growing up with Star Wars and more. 2 ear shredding hours of pew pew lasers, gaming, movies, toys, books... Hold on buckaroos!


Sakuracon Special!

Nejj loves her anime! Goblin and Blasphemous corner her, Darth Narciss, and their fellow cosplay friends Hailey and Mandy in Downtown Seattle. The crew sits down and talks convention going, cosplaying, and generally screw around for an hour.

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Original music produced for Goblin by: PsiPhy

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