The Elder horror: Game Goblin,

First introduced to the world of gaming with a casual glance of the original printing of Deities and Demigods back in the 80's and lured in by the view of half naked ladies. This humble (HAH HAH humble) goblin in his grubling phase was reading Xanth books and watching sword and sorcery movies long before his 10th year of age. (That is in human years, closer to 15 in gobbely years.) It wasn't much longer later until he had his first true mechanical gaming rig... a HP 286. Gone were the days of monochome screens and alas he was chugging away in dark dungeons in 8-bit / 16 color glory! He fully dove into pen and paper RPG's shortly after the 2nd edition VTM books hit the shelves, and as much as he hates to admit it, this led him to join a group known as the Camarilla and do a bit of LARPing.

Since his humble beginning delving into as much gaming as he could muster, playing virtually anything that caught his attention, he has had quite the journey... or a quest... He's dabbled in modding and has been credited in a few works as a creative writer and consultant, Failed at photobombing Steve Jackson (who is an awesome human too!), Hung out with some of the crew of Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, Had breakfast with the president of WOtC, And has been in and out of the gaming industry on many levels for a number of years in various roles such as surviving "Hell week" during the launch of the N64 and being one of the guys running the shop at a local game/hobby store.

The Hispanic mechanic: Darth Blasphemous,

No need to panic because this vato has a plan. I play MTG And RPGs whenever i can, commander is my game of choice. I craft my characters to be versatile and unique (if not completely original).

GM in training: Kazurkan,

Kazurkan is a Lore Dragon, hailing from the frozen wasteland (or so he claims) of Canada.
As a hatchling, Kazurkan was introduced to, and learned from, games of varied types, including the (now) classic Pokemon TCG, Cribbage, MtG as well as titles on
the personal computer. Even as a whelp, he always seemed to gravitate towards tales and reading, whence the truth about his soul was revealed to the boy.
He willfully chose to keep his elders for company, and especially so within the Boy Scouts organization, wherein he was introduced to MtG. During this time, a sense of honor and pride developed (as is befitting of the glorious dragon). Partaking of, and attaining, the prestigious undertaking of Eagle Scout (Still think it should be Wyvern/Dragon Scout) earned respect among the mortals in life.

The dragon, introduced to RPGs during the course of what humans seem to call middle school (these names are so bizzare!), found instant genre love in games such as D&D (3.5 edition), and later branched out into other formats as they became available.
A consummate gamer and dedicated fan of all things Blizzard, and dice related. The passion for tales, stories and legend never faded, and grew into a desire to bring forth stories unheard back to the fold. Equal parts enamored with "fantasy" (as the locals seem to insist it be) and science, many seem to think him a bibliophile (book loving) loner due to a powerfully cynical outlook upon the collectively stupid and inferior race that is "Man."
Many occupations and endeavors have crossed the young wyrm's path, few finding purchase so much as the art of the story.

His path yet unfolding, the world to be his tale told.

Purple Anime Cosplay Pixie? Nejj,

Almost undefinable as a gamer, perhaps suffering... or enjoying gamer ADHD, Nejj bounces from PC, to console, to whatever as it strikes her fancy. (More to come for her bio!)

Addiction for C-C-Combo Overwhelming: Darth Narciss,

He has been gaming for years, mostly bouncing between cards and dice, and possesses a keen eye for numbers. Few locally can match him at a game of cards for his deck builds are insane... insanely awesome! (More to come for his bio!)