For those who are curious here's the F.A.Q. about our show, although F.U.Q. works just as well as some of the inquiries may not come up at all and could be called Frequently Unasked Questions... Or even a jab at Q. But we don't talk about Q. Nobody should. In fact, if you do ask about Q... your query will be ignored.

Q: Why do you guys hate on LARP so much?
A: All of us have delved into the world of LARPing to some degree. Game Goblin is hesitant to talk about his time doing it, and it makes him angry to remember. But all of us find it to be either a childish form of make-believe, or worse to limited in scope to actually become fully invested in the imagination side of gaming. The minds eye around a table fills in the blanks during intense gaming scenes, whereas when doing live action some things are missing. As an added detriment certain powers, especially during combat scenes slow the game down to the point that it becomes less fun for other active participants, and an outright drag for non-coms to sit through.

Q: Are you working with or affiliated with any other podcasts?
A: Nope. We may bounce in if invited to a seat as a guest, however this is a wobbly thing. As the BFG project is an autonomous collective with each person under the banner free to jump in and jump out of our own collective projects and free to start or join other projects without any ill effect. We are metaphorically speaking, in an open relationship with this podcast and project, and can see other podcasts if there is desire to. The core members although, probably won't get too buddy buddy with other projects as there is much to do behind the scenes... TL;DR the project as a whole isn't in league with other podcasts, individuals are free to moonlight as they want.

Q: Why do you repeat some topics?
A: Opinions, like, change man. Things change, and new information can alter or even 180 an opinion. That and some topics are like a nail and have to be hit more than once to drive the point home. We try to change it up and move the podcast from topic to topic but sometimes something big could be going on and it bears repeating. So as our perspectives grow and change we may revisit a topic to give a fresh new insight.

Q: Is your show "all ages"?
A: There is a loaded question. It's more about maturity than age. In short, no. Not everyone should listen to us. We can be rather inflammatory or defend unpopular opinions. Consider our show to have a "M" for mature sticker on it.

Q: Do you support diversity?
A: Ask Goblin, he brought this group together. Specifically because each person brings a desired trait to the table. Sure we have a Canadian, a Woman, A Latino, A Mulatto, and a Patriarch (lol) at the table. But we as a group look beyond that label of identification. When bringing together his game group and later the podcast Goblin wasn't and still isn't concerned about gender or skin, but the individual under all that. In fact forced diversity ruffles our collective feathers... but that's another topic.

Q: What's with all the racist/sexist humor?
A: First off we are friends behind the mic. We range all over the spectrum and rib and poke one another constantly with remarks. Mostly because we find this brand of low brow humor to be funny, does it mean we take it seriously. PFFT no. We don't discriminate between one another, and if someone jumps in one it while they best expect to take a few jabs back, it's all in good fun between us and thankfully were not brainwashed to take raunchy offensive humor as honest attacks.

Q: How do I contact you?
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