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April 15th, 2018    

Uncomfortable WotC Hayride

We react to a new rule for D&D 5th ed... and we react harshly, to a new rule about elves being introduced to Mordenkainens tome of foes. Join along the hayride of near endless swearing at WotC, what a way to welcome our newest voice to the podcast. All of us have some very strong words on this one, you have been warned. In the second half we talk about Magic the Gathering and the new release: Dominaria.

Opening/closing music, Composed by Game Goblin

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August 6th, 2017    

Episode 10 - Back in the Saddle!

The curse continues... But we are back! We bring to you this casting, a much avoided, and sometimes overlooked topic: Gaming addiction. The gang sits round table, as recent events have hit a little too close to home for one of our crew lately. We also bring you A street level first look at the new (pre) release title Fortnite, and get down to brass tacks on what the game is good at and what it needs. Join us and special guests Oz of Purple Hippo Gaming, Kyoo of Kyoos' Corner, and GHOSTKID! (pistol fingers)

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Super Mega Ultra Bonus Inside! Game Goblin is giving away a free copy of Fortnite! Gotta listen to the cast for clues to win!

June 4th, 2017    

Angry rant time!

What happens when angry people need to vent about gaming companys? Listen in, EA, Bethesda, SJWs... Nobody is safe from our venomous truth! Join the BFG crew as they drop steaming piles of truth all over corporate stupidity and moneygrabbing. Bonus! Our podcasts are now 90 minutes long! Now more ranting time for you to enjoy!


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